"Finally, a natural moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin that works!"

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What People Are Saying About the Rejuvenating Moisturizer

After applying the Rejuvenating Moisturizer for the first time, I could immediately feel the difference. My skin felt hydrated, but not greasy. Best of all, there was no irritation.Over time, I started to notice that the wrinkles around my eyes were disappearing and my blackheads started to decrease. This is a really great moisturizer for anyone dealing with dry, sensitive skin.


I have really sensitive skin, to the point that almost every moisturizer stings my face. I can feel any small amount of fragrance on my skin. With your moisturizer I don't feel any type of stinging. The moisturizer goes on smooth, it's not greasy which is good for me because I tend to have oily skin as well. It also leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

~Maria Isabel

I've only been using the Naturally Beautiful moisturizer for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it! It is light and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. I wear it under makeup and before going to bed and my skin feels amazing! I've also noticed that my skin feels more balanced--no more oily t-zone!! I highly recommend this product for all skin types


I really like the texture of the moisturizer and how quickly it absorbs into my skin... it didn't leave an oily feeling or anything which I really appreciate. I would definitely recommend it!


I really liked it. It felt like a serum without that oily consistency that serums tend to have. I am prone to oily skin and breakout easily. Your moisturizer did not feel oily to my skin nor did it cause break outs. When I put it on it felt as though my skin was absorbing it and my skin felt soft. The moisturizer did not smell like perfume and I was able to put the moisturizer around my eyes without having an allergic reaction (which I tend to with other moisturizers).

~ Cinthya

I really like the Rejuvenating Moisturizer. I like that it didn't leave my skin oily/shiny, that a small amount went a long way, and my face stayed feeling moisturized all day. I'm really pleased that even though I'm prone to acne and breakouts even at 31, that I haven't had any with this moisturizer.
It's really awesome!

~ Katie